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Andria D. Flax is the author of The Way We Were and Sharing The Vision. Her passion for genealogy, her love for the Virgin Islands and its people, her thirst for knowledge, and the enthusiasm with which she conducts research, have all blended together in her latest book, A Walk Through The Valley.

Below is the complete selection of titles by Andria D. Flax.


A Walk Through The Vally

June 2021

Filled with accounts of persons who have attained and surpassed the golden age of 90 years, Andria D. Flax penned this book as a reminder of how special they are and to ensure their stories are available for future generations.

A Walk Through The Valley is a tribute to seniors, capturing the fragrant essence of the Virgin Islands people.

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Sharing The Vision

November 2010

Carefully selected from among a diverse collection of poems written over a span of nearly ten years, Andria D. Flax proudly presents this little gem consisting mainly of her religious poems, for the enjoyment and encouragement of all.

Sharing The Vision is a compilation for the enjoyment and spiritual upliftment of readers everywhere.

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The Way We Were

April 2010

A refreshingly simply book in which the writer, Andria D. Flax, pays tribute to her ancestors, the Cay People, while reminiscing on her childhood years vacationing at Peter Island and growing up in Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

The Way We Were tugs at the heartstrings, as it revives buried memories of the lives and times of Virgin Islanders long ago.

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